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4 Creative Ways to Pass the Time with Your Pets!


Hanging at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun — especially if you’re stuck inside with a cat, dog, bird, or really any small animal. Pets make great companions, especially when you’re looking for something fun to do.

Here are a few creative ways to pass the time with your pets:

Lights, Camera, Action

Using your two most favorite things (your phone and your pet), why not produce your very own movie starring who else of course … your best bud!  Shoot a few funny scenes and be sure to send it to your friends or share on social media. We all need a laugh right about now and making your bird the star of the show could lead to some serious squawking!

Want to keep your cat in character? Keep them feline happy with some tasty treats

Trying to get your pup to shake paws? Show them their hard work is paying off with some delicious dog treats.

Practice Makes Perfect

More functional than fun, now is a great time to start training your pet. Teaching them obedience or even a simple trick is a great goal to set for the both of you while stuck at home with a little spare time on your hands. If you do decide to try this, don’t forget to mix in some treats to keep them motivated.

Toys on Toys on Toys

Like all good pet parents, there’s no doubt you’ve already spoiled your best bud with plenty of toys. Use this downtime to find some fun toys you know your pet will love. Either buy online or get curbside pickup from your local pet store or if you are feeling creative (and wondering what to do with all those toilet paper rolls), try to re-use some items found lying around the house and Do It Yourself – just be sure to choose thoughtful and safe materials in your toy creation.

Hoping your parakeet loves its new playground?Help them beat boredom with some deliciously crunchy bird treats.

Looking for some bunny to to laugh with? Help coax your best bud out of their cage with a nibbling treat that can’t be beat.

Let the Games Begin

Sitting on the couch with your best bud sounds like fun, but deep down you know you need to get moving. Why not carve out some time in your day to let loose and have a little fun with your pet. How about a fun game of hide and seek with your dog or cat? Or you could challenge your bird or bunny to see how smart they are through an intense game of chess.

Want More Inspiration?
Here are a few more ways to bond with your pet.