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3 Simple Halloween Cat Safety Tips


Halloween may be your favorite holiday, but have you considered what your cat thinks about it? Visitors in masks, noise, and all the other hazards that come with trick-or-treating may be annoying or even threatening to your cat.

We’ve put together a simple-to-follow list of tips on how to ensure that your feline has a good time this spooky season.

Dressing Up Your Cat? Be Mindful of Their Feelings

  • Keep it Simple: Start out simple if your pet isn’t used to Halloween costumes. An appropriately fitting cat shirt that doesn’t restrict the movement of your pet shouldn’t be too offensive to start out with. If your cat shows signs of discomfort (i.e., crouching low to the ground, walking strangely) then it’s best to remove their outfit right away. 

  • Beware of Choking Hazards: Make sure that if you are dressing your cat up in a costume that it doesn’t include any tempting small accessories that they could choke on and that it doesn’t restrict their movement, vision, or breathing in any way. Also, be sure whatever you dress your cat up in doesn’t pose a risk of strangulation.
  • Make it Quick – Your kitty’s cute costume doesn’t need to stay on all night! It’s best to only have your cat dressed up for a couple of quick photos; after, you can remove any more restrictive parts of the costume (hoods, hats, wings, etc.).

Got a Nervous Kitty? Treat Them to Something They’ll Love.

  • Avoid Chocolates & Sweets: While you may love these treats, remember that chocolate is poisonous to cats. And while cats typically aren’t attracted to sweets, they are attracted to crinkly candy wrappers, so keep any Halloween candy out of reach.

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Cat Love to Be Outside? Keep Them Indoors This Halloween.

  • Keep Them Comfortable — If you do end up having trick or treaters come to your door, It may be a good idea to keep your cat separate from the main entrance of your house and in a familiar and comfortable place. The combination of an open front door and spooky visitors could mean an anxious feline. If you’re really worried about keeping your cat calm during all the commotion, consider a calming spray or comfort diffuser.
  • Keep Them Close By — Even the trustiest outdoor cats won’t enjoy the increase of foot traffic, cars on the streets, and spooky strangers outdoors. If you insist on letting them go out, maybe keep them in your backyard and certainly don’t let them hang out all night long.
  • Keep Away From Candles — Be cautious using real candles to light jack-o-lanterns, as cats may be tempted to swat at a flickering flame, and be sure to never have one inside your house.

Whatever you end up doing this Halloween season, be sure you enjoy yourself in a safe and responsible manner  — and don’t forget to treat your cat the same way!