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How Treats Can Help Keep Your Pet Healthy, Happy & Motivated


You’ve heard of healthy eating.
How about healthy treating?

In the world of pets, it’s this idea that treating your pet is less about giving them any old treat off the shelf, and more about selecting the right snack to boost nutrition, improve obedience and most importantly — create a connection.

What is Healthy Treating?

Healthy treating isn’t just shoving your hand into a bag of treats and calling it a day — it’s using that treat to keep your pet happy and motivated — all crucial elements of maintaining a healthy relationship with your pet.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cat, dog, canary or chinchilla – healthy treating works.


Treats are a part of every diet. As humans, we love treats. The same goes for our feline friends, pups, parrots, and even degus. But there’s a trick to healthy treating – you have to make sure the treats you’re using are quality and that you’re dolling them out in healthy quantities.

Be sure to read the labels before buying treats and do your homework. Instead of giving your pet some mass-produced treat, look for treats that are high quality and made in small batches.


There’s a lot of reasons to use treats to keep your pet happy.  

Dog owners for instance may use treats as a happy reward, whereas cat owners could simply see it as an opportunity to convince their cat to partake in some fun and games. The same goes for birds and other small pets. No matter the reason, remember that your pet loves getting treats — but it’s happiest when it gets your attention.  

The next time you feed your pet some treats, be sure to spend a little quality time with your best bud too.


Training your pet has many purposes.

Maybe you’re working with your dog on obedience. Maybe you’re trying to teach your cat a cute trick. Maybe you just want to show your bird how to climb on your shoulder. Whatever the reason is – treats are great tools for training your pet because they provide the motivation needed to succeed.

At Vitakraft, we believe healthy treating is a way of life — which is why we’re dedicated to making small-batch treats with real ingredients.