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How to Bond With Your Dog, Cat, Bird or Any Small Animal


Spending some extra quality time with your pet? They may be thrown off by your sudden presence (especially if they are a cat.) Much like humans, animals aren’t always quick to accept change, good or bad.

Taking some extra time to bond with your pet, whether it be a dog, cat, hamster or bird, can help to ease the transition and bring you two even closer.

5 Ways to Bond with Your Pet

1. Do Some Work Together

Pets, dogs especially, are very task oriented. Doing some “work” together, whether it’s gardening or cleaning up the house, can help them feel involved and focused on working together. Have your pet bring you their toys, dig a hole in the dirt or complete a task you trained them to do. They’ll enjoy having a purpose to do and will look to you for direction.

2. Get into a Grooming Routine

Take a little extra time together to focus on self care. Consult with an expert groomer to learn the best practices for your pet. Put on a face mask or beard oil, grab your grooming brush and nail clippers. Your pet may not appreciate the pampering at first, but if you reward them with a treat afterwards they’ll learn to love the extra attention. It’ll help keep their coat healthy too!

3. Get Some Exercise Together

Go for a walk, throw a ball in your yard or just play some games together with your pet’s favorite toy. Working up a sweat is a great way to grow your bond. It’ll lift your pet’s spirits and help them stay healthy (and it’ll do the same for you too!).

4. Put Some Extra Love into Their Treats

Want to really make your pet’s day? Give them a small-batch treat made with good-for-them ingredients and real meat. They’ll be thankful to you for the delicious snack, and it’ll help to show them you care. Opt for a more-involved treat, like a pouch or stick treat – they’ll rely on you to help feed them and you’ll get to spend a more intimate and fun moment together.

5. Teach Them a New Trick

Training your pet with treats is a great way to connect and working at home is a great time to perfect that new skill you’ve been hoping to teach them. Just make sure to reward them each time they learn a new step! Break up each task into manageable steps and tackle one at a time.

When in doubt, don’t forget to snuggle it out. Some extra love and attention can’t hurt when bonding with your pet. An extra treat or two won’t hurt either! Find deliciously nutritious treats for dogs, cats, birds and small animals from Vitakraft — where treats are made in small batches to ensure they’ve got that home-made quality.