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Learn what it takes to be the ultimate pet parent and explore helpful tips on how to care for and treat your cat, dog, bird or small animal.

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Healthy Treating for Pets

How Treats Can Help Keep Your Pet Healthy, Happy & Motivated

You've heard of healthy eating. How about healthy treating? In the world of pets, it’s this idea that treating your…

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What to Know Before Feeding Your Bird Treats

A healthy bird diet should consist of no more than 10% healthy treats. Look for something with a little crunch, natural ingredients like fruits and veggies and low fat.

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4 Creative Ways to Pass the Time with Your Pets!

Hanging at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun — especially if you’re stuck inside with a cat, dog, bird,…

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How to Bond With Your Dog, Cat, Bird or Any Small Animal

Spending extra time at home is the perfect opportunity to grow closer to your pet and strengthen your bond. Regardless of species, grooming, training and treats can all help the process.

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5 Tips on How to Use Treats to Train Your Pet

Want to teach your pet a new behavior? Break the task up into small steps, reward good behavior with a treat, then fade the lure.

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