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Take Your Pet to Work Week: Home Edition


This year, Take Your Pet to Work Week might look a little different from years past, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate at home while we social distance. Try getting creative about involving your pet in your work day. They’ll appreciate the extra attention and you’ll have a load of fun introducing them to your coworkers.

5 Ways to Celebrate Take Your Pet to Work Week from Home

1. Bring Your Parrot to Your Zoom Meeting

Does your team do Monday meetings to regroup before the week? Start your week off on a fun note and let your pet join in on the fun! They’ll brighten your coworker’s morning and get a chance to meet the people you usually leave them to see during the work day.

2. Upload a New LinkedIn Photo Featuring Your Ferret

LinkedIn may be a professional networking site, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be all business and no fun. Have a photoshoot with your pet and use the results to create a new profile picture together! It’ll show the world you don’t take yourself too seriously.

3. Host a Hedgehog-Friendly Virtual Happy Hour

Schedule a virtual meeting on Friday afternoon for your team! Though it doesn’t have to be hedgehog specific, a pet-friendly happy hour is a great way to blow off steam with your team at the end of the week and take an opportunity to meet everyone’s pets.

4. Shout-out Your Shih Tzu in Your Email Signature

Don’t have any video chats planned, but still want to get your best bud involved?
Some pets just aren’t into the social interaction. Instead, include them in your email
signature for a more playful, personal sign-off.

5. Dress Up Cute with Your Cat

We know your pet looks dapper as is, but they can still look
extra special for the occasion. Give your pet a fresh bath, a new haircut or a cute outfit so they show up looking their best. Want something even more fun? Get yourself an outfit or a hairdo to match!

These ideas might not feel as exciting as bringing your pet to the office, but your coworkers with allergies will probably appreciate the chance to interact with your pet virtually and you’ll likely get more work done without the in-office distractions. And don’t forget to give your pet a delicious, small-batch treat to celebrate them!