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10 Best Things About Owning a Pet Bird


Each year, our friends at the Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition (BEAK) celebrate National Bird Day — aka the flyest day of the year!

The BEAK crew, if you haven’t already heard of them, specialize in educating and growing responsible bird ownership. They are quite the flock of feathered friend enthusiasts — which explains why they’ve designated a special day out of the year to celebrate all the amazing ways pet birds enrich our lives.

So, because we love to see what BEAK is up to and we’re always down to celebrate the special bond between human and bird, we’ve put together a list of some of the top reasons having a pet bird is the best!


10. Birds Make Great Roommates

While they may not be able to cover your half of the rent, pet birds make great roommates because they’re incredibly tidy, they’re great listeners, and are, for the most part, courteous co-habitants. Some of the best pet birds/roommates include:

9. Birds Are Wonderful Listeners

Need to vent? Or maybe you’re in need of advice? Either way, birds possess superior listening skills that make them very suitable sounding boards. Just don’t expect to get much in the way of feedback.

8. Birds Make Great Diet Buddies

Some would say dieting is for the birds but believe it or not birds actually make great inspiration for eating better.
Birds love fresh fruits and veggies incorporated into their diet, so the next time you pick up some healthy fruit for them at the grocery store, grab some up for yourself too.

7. Birds are Amateur Comedians

Smart and fun to watch, birds possess one-of-a-kind personalities that will surely make you laugh. While some birds are capable of mimicking your voice and body movements, other birds can do this…

6. Birds Love Road Trips

Maybe you’re moving. Maybe you’re headed to the vet. Either way, birds can make great travelers, and most tolerate riding on planes and in cars, according to the VCA. Some birds may find travel stressful, however, especially those that rarely leave the house.

5. Birds Make Great Security

Are you looking to add to an already robust alarm system? Birds can make great security guards — especially birds that are trained to talk like this heroic parrot who saved a family from a house fire earlier this year.

4. Birds Love to Just Netflix & Chill

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than settling down with your best bud for some popcorn (and bird treats) and a good flick. If your pet bird is joining you for the show, be sure to pick something they would enjoy. Something like:

  • RIO

3. Birds Are Great Problem Solvers

The Audubon Society ran a bunch of tests on a variety of birds and determined birds are in fact pretty brilliant problem solvers and critical thinkers. Watch how this Kea proves the term “bird-brained” isn’t quite accurate.

2. Birds Won’t Hog the Bathroom

Unlike some other pets we know, ahem dogs and cats, birds require little grooming other than the occasional trim here and there. Naturally well-kept, birds maintain smooth and healthy feathers through occasional preening.

1. Birds are Minimalists

Other than their cage, some toys, a perch or two — birds don’t really require that much to be happy. One thing they do need a lot of is … your attention.

We hope you enjoyed our fun list of all the reasons birds make great companions. If you’re a proud pet bird owner, be sure to submit your feathered friend to the Best Bird Giveaway below. And if you want to treat your pet bird to something special, check out our family of deliciously healthy bird treats. They’re great for promoting beak health and preventing boredom when you’re away.