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Treats, Toys & Trinkets: Great Stocking Stuffer & Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Pet


Looking to treat your pet to something special this holiday season? Of course you are – what kind of pet parent would you be if you didn’t have your pet companion on your holiday shopping list.

So, with the giving season right around the corner, here’s a few great gift ideas for your furry or feathered friends.

Gift Ideas for Cats

From a little catnip to fun flopping fish to a subscription to a gift basket full of goodies, consider getting your feline friend one of the following gifts:

Meowza — A custom blend of catnip, silver vine and valerian root with both a stimulating and calming effect that will ensure you keep getting kitty kisses under the mistletoe!  

KitNipBox — Give your cat the gift that keeps on giving – a monthly subscription box filled with fun toys, delicious treats and cat health products from other well-known brands.

Electric Flopping Fish – This large, realistic, re-chargeable fish toy will wiggle and flop every time your cat touches it and can even be filled with catnip to pique their interest. 

Gift Ideas for Dogs

From a monthly delivery of dog products to fun fashion ideas to a new chew toy, do your dog a favor and fetch a few of the following gifts to put under the tree or stuff in a stocking:

Pet Treater Box – A subscription goodie box made just for your pup that comes filled with toys, treats and other great goodies.

KONG –Unleash the power of play with the classic KONG toy that’s great for enrichment, chewing, playing fetch and more!

Matching Mask/BandanaGive your dog the gift of twinning! These matching face masks and dog bandanas come in a variety of patterns so you can mix it up every day. 

Gift Ideas for Pet Birds

From a fun foraging toy to an interactive bird recording device to a simple stainless steel bell ball, your pet bird will surely love one of these perfect presents:

Pineapple Foraging ToyHandmade with natural materials, this hanging foraging toy will be the perfect addition to your bird’s cage to ward off boredom.

Stainless Steel BellYou may only want to make this toy accessible while you’re out of the house, but nevertheless it will provide your bird with that interactive bell sound that they seem to love. 

Mimic Me – This device encourages and trains birds to repeat what they’ve heard! It’ll record anything from your own voice to snippets of your favorite song. 

Gift Ideas for Small Animals

From a fun and natural chew toy to a foraging mat made of fabric to a comfy climbing set, your small animal will flip over one of these fantastic gifts:

Ware Willow Branch BallA fun and natural way to play with your pet and let them nuzzle, nibble and chew.

Tokihut Foraging Mat – These fabric vegetables hide your small animal’s food or treats to provide a more realistic and interactive mealtime experience. 

Rope Net A versatile toy, this rope net can act as a hammock, bridge, or climbing ladder to promote movement and activity for your tiny friend.